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is a German medium-sized, family-owned company and has been synonymous with high-quality in the field of contact technology and connection elements in the electrical engineering and electronics sectors for more than four decades. Around the world, our products guarantee secure and reliable connections for a smooth flow of information – from the printed circuit board to the infrastructure environment.

The product range is divided into three core areas and offers a wide range of solutions for the most demanding needs:

  • P|Cabling: Copper and glass fiber components for structured network cabling. Highly specialised, internationally standardised and high-performance network solutions in copper and fiber optic technology are impressive due to their comfortable installation, maximum quality and highest system capability across all relevant performance classes. They are used in structured building and industrial cabling as well as in data centres.

  • U|Contact: PCB connection technology for the connection of devices and controls in building and industrial automation. Products that are compatible with market standards as well as customised product solutions, including for industrial control and building automation, reflect our core competence in this area.

  • C|Logline: Intelligent system components for highly communicative and decentralised control in the areas of building and process control, relay technology and telecommunications.



We realize ideas


The power of innovation makes us technological leaders: Understanding the customers' applications as well as our own products and realizing creative solutions with a maximum of individualization – this combination forms one of the most important secrets to the company’s success. We ensure effective communication and efficient processes. This high quality of service helps METZ CONNECT to gain a competitive edge and thus establish new markets and safeguard established relationships.


Metz Connect Product Portfolio

We are pleased to be part of the SPE Industrial Partner Network. For us SPE is a groundbreaking technology for the development of additional Ethernet-enabled devices, sensors and actuators, at the field level in industrial areas as well as in the smart building.

In order to advance single pair Ethernet technology, we rely on our development and manufacturing expertise in the field of PCB connection technology, copper and fiber optic components for network cabling as well as intelligent I/O components.

  • SPE connectors for the network infrastructure or connection of devices (plugs, jacks, couplers)

  • SPE connection lines

  • SPE accessories

  • PCB connection technology for SPE

  • Intelligent system components with SPE inteface for building and process automation