Premium-Sponsor at the Connectors User Congress 2022

From July 4 - 6, 2022, the Connectors User Congress (Anwenderkongress Steckverbinder) will take place in Würzburg. The SPE Industrial Partner Network supports the congress as a premium sponsor. The congress is the only event in Europe dedicated to the use of "connectors" in all their industrial applications. We are pleased to contribute to the congress program with various contributions.

Please also visit us at the SPE Industrial Partner Network information booth on site. Our SPE experts will be happy to answer any questions and provide insights into the state of the art of Single Pair Ethernet.


Connectors User Congress (Anwenderkongress Steckverbinder)
July 4 - 6, 2022

Live on site at the Vogel Convention Center Würzburg


September 7, 11:00 a.m.

4 July, 2:30 pm
"Where do we stand with Single Pair Ethernet and where is the journey heading?"

Speaker: Matthias Fritsche, HARTING / Rainer Schmidt, HARTING

SPE is still being discussed very passionately and controversially in the market. Slowed down by the ongoing semiconductor crisis, initial applications are still rare and the broad market launch is delayed. This results in a forced pause to reflect on the current status of the technology and to evaluate optimal implementation scenarios.
In IEEE802.3, the gaps in terms of bandwidth and transmission length are being closed and a new group is working on 100BASE-T1L for 100Mbit/s over at least 500m channel length. This will open up a number of new application fields for SPE.
There is also demand in the market for Gigabit over longer transmission distances. Based on this, the authors, as active members of IEEE, TIA, IEC and ISO/IEC committees, present the SPE standards landscape and explain the interrelationships for essential fields of application in building infrastructure and industry.
Special emphasis is placed on cabling concepts. How do I lay out SPE cabling? Which cables and connectors are ideal for which application? What do I have to consider when using Power over Data Line (PoDL for short) or other power supply solutions?
This article aims to provide a meaningful overview for experts and newcomers to the topic of SPE.



4 July, 18:00
SPE M12 Hybrid

Speaker: Eric Leijtens, TE Connectivity

While previous SPE concepts with Power over Data Line (PoDL) are limited to 50 W at the device, the possible applications for SPE M12 hybrid connectors also include powerful IIoT devices, such as electronics for robotics, servo drives and three-phase drives. The IEC 63171-7 standard specifies hybrid interfaces with SPE and power contacts in M12 format. The standard describes seven codings for different applications with power classes from 8-16 A and from 50 V to 600 V.

Based on IEC 63171-6 with the hybrid SPE+Power interface in M8, TE Connectivity is pushing IEC 63171-7 for hybrid M12 SPE+Power connectors with network partners.



4-6 July, 09:00 - 18:00
Permanent exhibition of the network at the VCC

Come by and talk to our experts about the latest developments in Single Pair Ethernet.



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