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For over 30 years, CAE GROUPE develops and organizes its product range to provide global cabling, connectivity and communication solutions that address three main markets: smart building, industry and live broadcasting (audio video). It aims to be a global technology specialist of connectivity and communication infrastructure offering innovative solutions targeting vertical markets.

CAE GROUPE makes constantly significant investments in R&D. This commitment results in the creation of a manufacturing hub, which brings together design and know-how. Supported by 15 factories, the company has total mastery of its production facilities, which are organised by speciality: optical fiber, copper cables, cords, connectors, etc.








In an increasingly connected world, we strive to provide our customers with the most comprehensive solutions by offering an overall approach that will meet their current and future needs. Through our experts who sit on the standardization commitees, we keep a permanent watch on new technologies in order to further our development.

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Competences in the SPE Ecosystem

Always at the cutting edge of technology, CAE GROUPE and its industrial department AXINDUS combine their knowledge of connectivity to support emerging technologies in the factory of the future. Expant IIot, standardize infrastructures within plants and buildings, optimize our solutions – we have set ourselves these goals for the new technology age.